Justus de Rode (b.1997)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Artist Statement

“Growing up among my father's artistic practise taught my eye and results in an approach to photography thats sits far from documenting. Coming from an academic background however, my work revolves around the qualities of photography as a tool for research and communication. My practice is a means to dissect life: I aim to explore, capture and transmit both the outside and inner world in order to better understand them. As long forest walks are a key part of my roots, nature has become my main language in doing so. Though especially interested in ecology, the subject rarely directly matches its indexicality and tells an underlying story. Looking at details and abstraction, I find consolation in the overlooked. My work thus becomes a means to better understand the world, while simultaneously creating a new one to seek shelter in.”


- MA Film & Photographic Studies, Leiden University, Leiden (2020 - 2022)

- BSc Interdisciplinary Social Sciences + minor Art History, University of Amsterdam (2016 - 2020)



- Mycelium. Solo at Pictura, Groningen (NL).

- The Summer Show. Duo with Judith Stenneken, the Gallery club at Hama Gallery, Amsterdam.


- ArtNoord art fair, Groupshow with Prentwerk at Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen

- 'PLATFORM', groupshow with Sander Coers and Oran Hoffmann at the Gallery Club, Club Thonik, Amsterdam

- Duo exhibition with Jackie Mulder at Gallery + Bookstore for Contemporary Photography, Amsterdam

- 'Mycelium', Solo exhibition at Kunst Kan, Amsterdam


- Shortlist Beirut Image Festival, Mycelium, 2022

- Finalist SIPA, single image: Woman in Snow, fine arts category, 2021

- GUP New Talent 2021, GUP magazine, 2021


- PS het Parool. Justus de Rode maakte een fotoboek met zijn dementerende vader. (November 25th, 2023). Klik hier.

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- ELLE (July 7th, 2022). Fotografie kijken van opkomende talenten Sander Coers, Oran Hoffmann en Justus de Rode.

- Harper's Bazaar (July 7th, 2022). Platform in Uitagenda.

- GUP (2020). GUP New Talents 2021 catalogue. Amsterdam: Brinkhof.


- Mycelium, June 2023. Self-published.

- Godspeed, 2021. Self-published.