Justus de Rode (b.1997)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Artist Statement

Photography is my means to digest life: I aim to explore, capture and transmit emotions in order to understand and cope with them. As a result trauma, impermanence, love and loss are recurring themes in my work. Growing up in Groningen, long walks through the northern landscape were a key part of my roots. Accordingly, often it is nature that sets the stage for my work to appear, as I take photographs purely by intuition.


- Gymnasium, Praedinius Gymnasium, Groningen (2009-2015)

- BA Interdisciplinairy Social Sciences, UvA, Amsterdam (2016-2020)

- MA Film & Photographic Studies, Leiden University, Leiden (2020 - )



- What for? Solo exhibition at Coffeecompany Beren, Amsterdam

- Premiere 'the Lighthouse' Solo exhibition at Rialto, Amsterdam

- 'Pandemie Groupshow at 'PAND, Heerlen

- GUP New Talents 2021 Groupshow at Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam


- GUP New Photo Talent 2021


- GUP (2020). GUP New Talents 2021. Amsterdam: Brinkhof. (p.

- De Rode, J., Mabruki Mussa, J., Reitsma, D. (2021). Godspeed. Den Haag: People in Print.

design, editing and photography by me.